CHROME: Jelly Bean Wash

Ultimate Vehicle Wash and Wax

Size PriceQuantity
1 Litre £10.00 Inc Vat
5 Litre £30.00 Inc Vat
20 Litre £78.00 Inc Vat

Jelly Bean Wash is a highly concentrated PH neutral vehicle shampoo that is wax and sealant safe. When used in small quantities and highly diluted Jelly Bean Wash still provides excellent suds and ease of use. Rinse off loose dirt first then pour approximately 30-50ML of Jelly Bean Wash into an empty bucket and top up with the required amount of water (hot or cold) and apply with wash mitt, sponge or brush and rinse off with clean water then dry with a towel or chamois.                                                                    Always read full label before use.

It really is that simple, ‘Spray, Wipe, Done!’

The Original and Best by Far!


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