Mini Cleaning Kit

Mini Cleaning Kit

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Handy kit for cleaning the interior and exterior of your car:
500ml Jelly Bean Wash

Jelly Bean Wash is a highly concentrated PH neutral vehicle wash that is wax and sealant safe. When used in small quantities and highly diluted, Jelly Bean Wash still provides excellent suds and ease of use. Rinse off loose dirt first, pour approximately 30-50ml of Jelly Bean Wash into an empty bucket and top up with required amount of water, cold or warm. Apply with a wash mitt, sponge or brush and rinse off with clean water then dry with towel or chamois.

500ml Pink

Pink has a gentle cleaning action, superb finishing properties and a fantastic long lasting fragrance. Designed for interior use but may be used on the exterior, IE: On tyres in the summer time for a fantastic shine. For any other exterior uses please see our other product ” Embellish”

500ml Window Cleaner

Window & Glass Cleaner is a liquid glass cleaner for the removal of dirt, grease wax etc.

500ml Embellish

Embellish is the fastest-used detailing spray. Gives a unique gloss to varnished surfaces, provides a very durable, water-repellent (water repellent) finish, while protecting the paint from dirt.

Wash Sponge

Soft yellow sponge perfect for use with Jelly Bean Wash.

Miracle Dry
High performance, double sided microfibre drying towel ,long pile one side for absorbing the maximum amount of water, short pile one side for detailing and finishing.
Microfibre Cloth

Quality microfibre with a Chrome Northwest Tag.

(Colour may vary)

Microfibre Cloth

Quality microfibre with a Chrome Northwest Tag.

(Colour may vary)

Glass Cloth

Blue glass cloth perfect for the cleaning of windows.

Emoji Hanging Air Freshener

CNW ‘Tongue Emoji’ as a Hanging Air freshener.

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