Cowboy Emoji Vinyl Sticker

Cowboy Emoji Vinyl in Anthracite Grey

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Cowboy Emoji Vinyl Sticker in Anthracite Grey

  • Anthracite Grey
  • Approx 12 X 12 cm
Instructions For Application

1) Clean application surface (rubbing alcohol recommended) and allow to fully dry.

2) Carefully peel away backing paper ensuring vinyl sticks entirely to the tape.

3) Align the decal and carefully place onto the surface.

4) Use a debit/credit card to smooth design over surface, top to bottom.

5) Carefully remove backing paper by peeling back, beginning at the corner and let to cure for 24 hours before washing.

For Etched Vinyl Decals:
Follow above instructions on your glass, placing the decal on the inside so it is facing out.

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